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Small beginnings - Great success

Lingen (Ems), 17.01.2012 – In January Kampmann GmbH celebrated its 20th year of business in Graefenhainichen/Saxony-Anhalt. Sixty six employees produce and sell entrance mats and roll-up grilles with the utmost care in the former production halls of VEB Druckerei Graefenhainichen. They also have lots of new ideas for the future.


A visit to Johann-Gutenberg-Platz 1. Anyone opening the door of factory hall 3 is be greeted with a hive of activity: the background noise of rattling metal and droning machines is drowned out by the regular, vibrating impact of a punching machine. Grinding machines roar on top of this, sometimes loud and sometimes quiet, and forklift trucks zoom by.


High-quality entrance mats have been produced very successfully here and in the adjoining factory hall 1 for ten years and as an independent company, known as Kampmann Eingangsmatten GmbH, since April 2011. The company's Managing Director is Ruediger von Scheven.


Sold to Kampmann GmbH in November 1991

VEB Druckerei Graefenhainichen occupied all three production halls in the 1980s. Its operation has long ceased to exist with the sale to the West German company Kampmann GmbH. Back in November 1991 company founder Heinrich Kampmann had a long track record in the development, production and sales of building services systems for heating, cooling and ventilation. At that time the entrance mats were also produced at its headquarters in Lingen (Ems). The MED business division was added with its natural peat treatment and peat plant production.


New Production site

After the reunification of Germany the increased demand encouraged Heinrich Kampmann to set up a second production site. He chose Graefenhainichen not just because of its favourable geographic location and the production halls that were available, but also because there were potential areas that had scope for expansion. At first however there was major investment in the building and personnel: modern machinery was moved into the factory halls after a major refurbishment. It was not difficult to find suitably qualified skilled workers back then. In the first half of 1991 there was a total workforce of 29 employees. Ruediger von Scheven was employed as Factory Manager from the start.


After producing semi-finished parts for the main factory in Lingen it gradually started to produce entire building services products. Large volume merchandise was also stored in the factory halls. In 2003 the entire production of MED peat products was transferred from Lingen to Graefenhainichen, but this business division was sold a few years later.


Online shop for everyone in spring

The entrance mat production pursued a completely different path. What started up as a relocated production site developed into an exclusive factory over the years. Ruediger von Scheven and his team developed other technical innovations, such as roll-up or heatable mats and customised labelling. Double-digit sales growth in 2011 vouches for its success. The next step is to expand its consumer business. The latest idea is therefore pushing into new dimensions: anyone can configure their own mat as of the spring in the company's new online shop at


It's worth looking downwards

Anyone who risks looking downwards today in consumer markets throughout Germany – also in Dessau, Leipzig and Graefenhainichen – recognises from a small label that his or her shoes are predominantly finished off on quality goods from Graefenhainichen. This is the same in prestigious buildings, such as the German Chancellery, the Federal Ministry of Economics, Duesseldorf main train station or the Military History Museum in Dresden.


Sixty six employees are the key to the success

Sixty six employees from the region of Graefenhainichen are the key to the successful development of the site. It is founded on two key pillars: on the one hand, on Eingangsmatten GmbH with 21 employees and, on the other hand, on the production and sales of technologically leading systems for heating, cooling and ventilation with 45 employees.


Designer grilles from Graefenhainichen in London and Moscow

The Eastern Sales Office is one of six that Kampmann GmbH has throughout Germany. There are a further eleven outside of Germany. In addition, the Graefenhainichen site also produces designer grilles to cover so-called trench heating with meticulous workmanship. Major demand outside of Germany in particular makes this the best-selling product range. Consequently, the premium grilles from the small Saxony-Anhalt town are the only visible part of complex household Kampmann products in many office buildings in London, Moscow and Luxembourg.




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